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Thank you for your interest in my work. I am a self-taught fine art landscape and floral photographer.

My first photograph with my first digital camera was of a hibiscus flower and it was so stunning that my wife said "you need to share this, it's too beautiful not to." I have been sharing my work since 2002 and photographing never gets old. My passion is to create the best piece of art and share it with you.

I have learnt that my photography is all about envisaging the image first and then recording that vision in a way that embraces the viewer. I pride myself in showing you views of our natural world in ways that you may not have seen before. An ever-curious person; I love what is just around the corner, the unusual, the breath-taking, and the mysterious. Even everyday objects and scenes can be viewed differently and in a novel manner. I am a digital photographer and I use natural light and careful composition to convey an impression of a scene or a flower.

I am always available to my customers, I look forward to answering any questions you may have and can be reached via email and will return all enquiries promptly.

Please share my website with your friends and family, by all means let me know how you feel about my work.

Best Regards,




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International Garden Photographer of the Year, B&W Finalist, 2019

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The Beauty of Impermanence, available on Amazon
Ocean in Motion, available on Amazon
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I have exhibited extensively up and down the West Coast at galleries, shows, and coffee houses.


“Marc presents these familiar subjects through new eyes by using his technical expertise in photography. These images evolve from breath-taking nature representation to the abstract realm. The sensuous colors and shapes take us to another place. The gallery visitors stood in front of each image and studied them like intimate friends."

Steve Appel, Owner/Director, Appel Gallery. Sacramento, California.

“My wife Virginia and I have had the pleasure of purchasing two pieces of your art work. We thought the Purple Blue Irises were our favorite until your last show when we purchased the picture of MossBrae Falls in Dunsmuir."

Everett Savoy, Customer Care Area Manager, Lennar Homes. Sacramento, California.

"I feel very moved by your images... you can see colors, shapes, subtle impressions and strong forms.”

Jeannie Kokes, Psychologist, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“WOW! You are a true artist! I always appreciate beauty, but seeing it through your eyes is quite an experience!”

Peggy Potempa, Homemaker, Benton, Kentucky.

"Little did I know what was sitting in the wings of your art world. Such diversity in your art talent.”

Francisca Santana, Graphic Designer, California State Parks. Sacramento, California.

“I think Teri said it so well: Marc touches everything with his eyes and his powerful works of art reflect such feelings whether the photographs are of nature’s beauty or the sadness of changing times, they solicit a deep emotion and make the viewer want to study the isolated frame, cherish it, and then perhaps envision nature’s future changes.”

Timothee Keown, Legal Secretary, Naperville, Illinois.

“Let me congratulate you because distinct style is evident and quite powerful when viewing your photography as individual pieces or via the collection as a whole. Your work speaks to me in several ways: Perhaps the most lasting impression is the realization that what I am viewing is not a conclusive series of photographs but rather an exclamation of expression that speaks well towards the beauty of a world in constant change. Elements of light and contrast can leave potent impression in the minds of those whose eyes witness such moments firsthand. Description by words alone while sufficient in many instances almost assuredly fails to convey how these visual ingredients join to form a spectacular scene. The human catalyst is essential if an image is to record why some moments in time are fleeting, beautiful and inspirational.”

Gary Lester, Photographer. Sacramento, California.

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